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The original site. This site is a basic Joomla site with very few added extras. The archives are a completely separate Joomla installation mainly to speed up the loading of the main site. There is a component that randomises the banner ads at the top of the page and one that inserts the Google ads into the middle of every story.

The site is updated every single day gets around 4000 visitors per day.

Setup time - 1 day

Cost - £225.

View site:


Sultan Azlan Shah Cup

A website for the International Men's hockey tournament, the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup initially set up in 2008. The tournament is under the patronage of the Sultan Azlan Shah who is one of the nine Kings of Malaysia. The quality of the site needed to reflect this royal patronage.

There are many elements to be considered here.

The site needed to be run by someone in Malaysia who knew nothing about Joomla administration. After logging in, virtually all site administration tasks were front end driven. The Malaysian media officer was trained in using the site via email in 1 day and actually ran the site from an iPad, probably making the site the first ever sports tournament site in the world to be updated this way.

The site needed to carry the results of the matches and the league table in real time. A free component was used to do that.

A live commentary solution needed to be implemented and Twitter was used to provide this with the Twitter feed being updated on the site every two minutes. This solution had the added advantage that people could follow the games on their smartphone while away from a computer. Updating Twitter was done from the tournament website. The component was free. This feature was very nearly the undoing of the site as the amount of traffic it generated crashed the shared server twice. A dedicated server was bought to solve this problem.

The site needed to carry the official match reports in PDF format as well as raw statistics of the tournament. A free document management system was used.

Match reports needed to be published with integrated pictures and what the media was saying about the tournament also needed to be carried. Past Winners, Team lists, Technical officials and a commentary archive needed to be presented. This was all an integral part of Joomla.

Media releases needed to be sent out via email to over 100 journalists. This is a backend function so not readily visible. A subscribe to the Media releases function can be added. This was achieved using a free component.

A photo gallery needed to implemented to show the action from the tournament on a daily basis. A free component with integrated slide show was used for this function.

The site attracts up to 30 000 visitors per day while the tournament is in progress.

Set up time - 2 days (includes adding static data)

Cost - £600 + £790 for the dedicated server (this is an annual cost)

View site: Sultan Azlan Shah Cup website


Helen Brink

This is a site for my wife's holtistic therapy business. This site includes an appointment booking component that costs $50. Details of bookings are emailed to the client as well as to my wife. Clients are able to cancel appointments online up to an hour before the appointment (any time period is configurable). If the client chooses, this component will send SMS confirmation and reminders of the appointment to the client if you have a Clickatell bulk SMS account ($25 for 400 SMS)

Setup time - 1 day

Cost - £250 including cost of booking component and 400 bulk SMS messages

View site: Helen Brink - Holistic therapist - Vistaprint compatible theme


Old Parks Sports Club

The Old Parktonians Sports Club needed a new site as there site was not really working for them. This site was created as a special favour to one of the clubs Executive Committee Members at a special price.

Each sport section has their own area of the site that can be updated by that section only.

Booking queries are handled by a limited free forms component (limited to 3 free forms)

Documents are handled by free Document Management software

A photo gallery is provided by free Photo Gallery software.

Training on how to use the site and a training manual were provided in the cost of the site

The site is hosted on my server at a cost of R600 per annum.

Setup time - 3 days

Special cost - R5 000 (would normally be R15 000)

Old Parktonian Sports Club site


The Brew Master

The Brew Master supplies South African micro breweries and Home Brew shops with ingredients and equipment in the craft beer industry. Having recently changed their business model from supplying anybody wanting ingredients to one where only the micro breweries and home brew shops were supplied they needed a site to show this change and to direct past customers to their new customer base to get them to source their ingredients there.

Setup time: 2 days


View Site: The Brew Master