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Malaysian Hockey League site

The Malaysian Hockey League is one of the premier leagues in the world of hockey. in 2010 the owner of the site was originally asked by the Malaysian Hockey Federation to run the official site after the success of the Azlan Shah Cup site. For one reason or another they changed their mind at the last minute, but having already registered the domain name and bought webspace he decided to go ahead with an unofficial site anyway.

The site offers in depth news generated by him as well as covering what is in the media as well. It also shows the current standings of all teams in the league as well as what the individual fixtures and results were for each team on their own team pages. There is a facility for a photo gallery. The site has been optimised for ease of administration from the front end for the owner. There is also a feature to publish the Twitter account of the site enabling a live update of games during the League which has provided a useful feedback mechanism for the owner of the site as well.

Although the owner, who is based in Malaysia, and I have never met face to face, this is the second successful collaboration in building a site that receives many visitors per day and has proved to be very popular. All training on how to use the site has taken place via email.

Setup time - 2 days (including inputting all fixtures for the league)

Cost - £600 (including adding fixtures)

View site - Malaysian Hockey League site