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If you are running your own small business it is almost essential that you have a website so that people can find your business and what you do. Getting a website need not be as expensive as many companies would have you believe. There are many free content management systems (CMS) out there that will give you a very professional solution very quickly, whether it is only a couple of information pages that you want or a full blown on-line shop. The possibilities are endless.


I got involved with internet web site design in the mid 1990s and I set up in June 1996 that was supposed to showcase my design talents. The content very soon took over the design aspect and to this day is the most popular hockey site in the world attracting many thousands of visitors every day.

The problem of presenting news on a daily basis has led to me trying many solutions to make that task easier. I finally found the free Joomla CMS that I believe is the simplest to manage, yet will offer an extremely powerful solution for almost any website. There are thousands of developers offering their work for free that with a little bit of lateral thinking can solve just about any problem you can think of. For those developers that want payment for their very sophisticated solutions, the cost of buying that solution is rarely more than R500 - R1000.

If everything is free, why would you want to pay for me to design you a website? It took me about a month of working at it every day to learn the intricacies of setting up and running a Joomla website. Most people don't have that kind of time. Yes, you can get training courses to teach you Joomla in a day or two, but they will cost you the same, if not more, than paying me to do the job for you. Because all the software is free you only pay for my time and so I am sure that you will find the cost of getting a very professional website will fit comfortably into your budget.

I design all my own templates so the look of your site can be tailored to your own design and corporate colours.

Have a look at some of my testimonial websites in the Portfolio section, their associated costs and turn around time. I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised at the price and turnaround times that can be achieved.